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Friday, November 16, 2007

A Baby Blanket

One of the ladies in our walking group is pregnant (or maybe not as she has passed her due date).

That is music to my ears when a friend or family member is in the family way because what an excuse to knit (or crochet in this case). And. of course, there is nothing in the stash.

I found this pattern when looking at some else's blog. She had made the blanket when pregnant and I had saved the link in case and was glad to be able to use it. Don't you find that the blogging world is dangerous with so many links to different patterns and yarns? I actually save very few patterns or links otherwise I would be overrun with them.

The pattern is produced by an Australian company so, of course, the yarn isn't available here. But, once again, thanks to the scope of the internet I was able to get yarn details from another site. So off to the yarn store I go.

I ended up with an Italian cotton yarn, Pluto by Punto in an aqua green colour. My friend did not want to know if she was going to have a boy or a girl and I did not want to use white so I decided green was a good colour for either sex. I had to guess at the hook size as the size on the pattern seemed too large for the yarn, the ball band suggested needle sizes of 2.5mm to 3mm so I used a size 3mm hook. I think the finished blanket ended up smaller than the pattern size but I forgot to measure it before I gave it away but it was still a good size.

The pattern was very easy. Mostly double (treble) crochets and some chains and like all circular projects goes very quickly at the beginning and then it seems as if it will never end. So even though I had yarn left over, I didn't make the blanket bigger.

Before I post a picture of the blanket, I have to tell you the best thing about the yarn; the day I bought it the shop was having a 20% off everything sale which I didn't know about until I got there.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Our First Snow

Frequently, I take a picture to post on this blog and it never gets posted because I am mentally composing the post or I have no idea what to say except " here's a photo of x". This photo was taken way back on 25 October after it had snowed overnight. Although we have had a couple of snowfalls since then, this is the picture of the first one. The way the snow had melted made it look like pussy willow on the trees. Hope the photo does it justice.

There has been some knitting and crochet going on and a photo ready to post next time.