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Friday, April 2, 2010

Yes It's a Dishcloth

At the beginning of January I updated you with the last of the dishcloths. A good thing that I wrote in that post
But I doubt it will be the end for knitting dishcloths.
as I knitted another one this week.

I had the bright idea to make a dishcloth for a colleague - an Easter dishcloth. I came up with the idea on Tuesday, my last day in the office this week was Wednesday; so Tuesday night was spent knitting a dishcloth (and catching up with posts on Ravelry). The only good idea behind this exercise was using a pattern that I had knitted before. I made an illusion cloth that I had made as part of the mystery group last year.

Yes I did finish it and gave it to my colleague on Wednesday and she loved it.

The pictures aren't brilliant as I had to take them in lamplight.