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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Boy Quilt

I have finished another quilt. I have said that I don’t keep a record of when I start quilts. As I have that option for yarn projects on Ravelry I need to find a way to remember to record start dates of quilts. Although maybe it would be better to record the dates of various stages of a quilt. For example, yesterday I looked at the fabric for my next quilt and decided which colours to go next to each other. Is that the start date? I had a charm pack of 5-inch squares although they weren’t square so yesterday and today I squared them up – is that the start date?

Regardless of the actual start date, I do know that with this quilt I changed my mind on the final design between purchasing the fabric and finishing the quilt. The central design didn’t change but the borders did.

This is the pattern with a jelly roll that I purchased earlier this year from Jo-Anns – I know I said I wouldn’t buy anymore from there – don’t worry I only bought two! This one was cut straight.

My original plan was to finish the quilt using the self-binding baby quilt. Of course I changed my mind after buying fabric! I still used what I had purchased for the backing but purchased a different fabric for the borders. Which left the corner squares; as I really like to have those in a different fabric from the borders I used squares left over from this quilt.

It is a brightly coloured quilt; ideal for a little boy.

First photo attempt - somebody wanted in on the action.