Knit Meter

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

How Bad Is It?

Tomorrow Knit Meter will reset the numbers to show that I have knitted/crocheted the grand amount of zero. I will change the yarn in and out to zero too. It would be nice if I had a project close to finishing so that I could start the beginning of the year in credit but I think it will be a couple of weeks before a finished object appears.

So looking at the numbers, it would appear that 2014 was not a good year for reducing stash as there was 12858 meters of yarn in and 10243 meters used. But like any good statistician, I need to manipulate the numbers. Firstly I will deduct the yarn that arrived on 26 December that I had won from a blog. That will make yarn in 12018, still too high. I could deduct the yarn I purchased this year that I knew that I wouldn't knit until next year. If I deducted all the yarn I bought on sale to make into charity items in 2015 then the yarn in will be 11226 or 10386 if I also deduct the prize yarn. Still not quite enough. But if I deduct the yarn I was given that I showed you in the last post then I can bring yarn in down to 10155 meters, less than yarn out. Which goes to show that you can prove anything with manipulation of numbers!

This time last year I wrote that I wanted to use up stash. Looking at these numbers it doesn't appear that I have managed to do that. But actually I am very happy with my yarn accumulation. Most of the yarn purchased this year has had a purpose and mostly it has been for gifts or charity. I also went through my stash and sold some and swapped some. My sock yarn has dropped so that now I have just three amounts earmarked for socks and four earmarked for other projects. So I am pretty happy with my stash. This year I will knit mostly from stash but if there is something that I really want to make then I will not worry about buying yarn.

In 2014, I had 68 items on the needles nine of which were crocheted and four were frogged. Of the remaining 64, 12 were for charity and 28 were for other people. Of the nine items on the needles at the start of the year, I finished six and frogged one. This does mean that I still have two items on the needles that were there this time last year. One of them is the never ending project that I am not even going to make any predictions for as I obviously cannot keep to them. Although, surely, I should be able to finish both of these before the end of 2015?

I am starting the year with eight projects on the needles, including the two old projects. That is one less than last year but still not a good number. Although I am going to change the wording to eight unfinished projects. As one is a soft toy that I am (slowly) in the process of finishing. (I am not fond of sewing up toys.) One is a bag that is finished but I am thinking of adding a sewn lining so it does not count as finished in my book. One is a project that I am thinking of frogging but as I have no other plans for the yarn I haven't bothered to frog. Which means there are five projects on the needles. Which still sounds too many especially as I know I will be adding to them this week with all the January knit alongs.

This time next year I hope to be writing that the two old projects are finished; that I have less then eight unfinished projects; and that yarn in was less than yarn out.

But whatever I write I know that each year I will be thanking my husband for another wonderful year.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Yarn In

In the interests of full disclosure, I am counting all yarn in even if it is a partial ball. Especially if it is yarn that I was coveting. :)

A newish member of our knitting group has amazing yarn; many from small dyers. She was knitting a pair of fingerless mitts with flap with a spectacularly striped yarn in a neon colourway. Amazing yarn but not currently being dyed although the dyer Wild Hare Fiber Studio has other great colours for sale.

I am such lucky person, that Sheila gave me the left overs. About 55 grams. Score! I was tempted to make socks - as you know I am a sock knitter. But this yarn deserves to be shown off. So it will become fingerless mitts. Very soon I hope so that they can be worn this winter. Ha!

Yarn out is recorded when I have posted photos of finished objects quite often there is a delay because I am waiting to take photos or for gifts to arrive or decide on the perfect post. Before the end of the month, I will record all yarn out for this year so that there will be a complete record for 2014, even though I know there are a few things that have not been fully revealed.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Warm Heads In Calgary

As mentioned a couple of posts ago, I have been knitting for the family still in Calgary. Although these were finished in November, I had to wait for the parcel to arrive in case they read this blog.

Firstly there’s a hat just because I liked the yarn. I found a pattern on RavelryChunky Triangle Rib Hat by Gretchen Tracy. Although I cast on way fewer stitches as the pattern cast on of 70 stitches seems way to many for a bulky yarn. I also left off one pattern repeat (3 rows) as I did not have enough yarn. No great photos but I am pleased with the finished hat. It can either be worn slouchy or the brim turned up for a normal hat.

The one thing I love about my son’s girlfriend is that she loves all the handmade items I make for them. She had been at a fair and they had children’s headbands, rather than buy one, she asked me to make one. I asked the colour and was told purple. As you can imagine, I didn’t want to buy yarn but if I was going to make something it should be in the colour requested. I have some purple in my stash but I did not think it soft enough for a headband so I decided Red Heart Soft in the grape colorway was purple enough. I looked at many, many headband patterns on Ravelry and decided to just knit my own. I used the yarn double with appropriate sized needles and knit in single rib, when I got to half the circumference, I put a cable in, half the stitches crossed over the other half, continued in rib to match the length of the first half, seamed and voilĂ  a headband.

Now two members of the family had head coverings, I didn’t think my son should be left out. I had seen a pattern, shortrows sideways hat by Kristi Porter after making one disastrous attempt at buying yarn I did get some other yarn. Again I had to guess on circumference as my son has a big head.

Lastly, I was requested to make some blue booties for the baby boy they were expecting. I had blue yarn in my stash and decided that I would try a different pattern from my standard. I chose Baby Uggs by Autumn Street. I followed the pattern knowing they would fit the baby at some point. The baby came early and is small so at the moment they are like leggings with feet.

I have been madly knitting smaller ones.

I still have a few things to photograph, November’s socks are finished, the shawl with beads is finished, and there are two baby cardigans just waiting for front bands.