Knit Meter

Saturday, May 26, 2018

There’s Been Sewing

Actually there’s been knitting too I just don’t have anything finished to show. I have been keeping up with the mystery I showed you last time. As the rows have been getting shorter I even finished Clue 4 early and picked up the Changes Shawl to work on. I have one more Clue of the mystery so a finished object soon.

In the meantime I am sure you are not going to complain about sewn items. Firstly May’s square. A quick little number. I cut out the shapes the day before I sewed them, which was quick and it was quick to sew them together the next day. All fabric was from stash.

Then I decided to sew a dress for my granddaughter from fabric leftover from a dress I was making for myself. Note the tense of that verb to make. Yes it isn’t finished and my granddaughter got a dress first. Remember I said that I had got a free sewing class on Craftsy. The class showed you how to make a bag and a dress. The pattern for the bag was downloaded as part of the class but the pattern for the dress was a manufacturer’s pattern that was mailed to the participants.

After I cut out the dress pattern I was surprised at how much fabric was left over and realized that I had purchased the yardage requirement for narrower fabric. So when I was about half-way through my dress I decided to use the leftover fabric to make a child’s dress as there was a free pattern on CreativeBug. It wasn’t a hard pattern, although I wasn’t too impressed by the class, and there was a surprise waiting for her at the end of the day.

Having made a dress, her brother now needed something and I found a pattern for a shirt in One-Yard Wonders. I got this book from the library and none of the patterns had been cut so I purchased some Pellon Easy Pattern to trace the pattern and, therefore, leave it intact for the next person. I also took the grandchildren shopping so they could choose their own fabric and, no surprise, dinosaurs were chosen.

I couldn’t get him to stand still for a decent photo so a hanger photo will have to suffice.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Another Cast On

After writing about the ideal number of projects on the go it appears that that is just pie-in-the-sky and the actual ideal number is whatever it is on that day. I have found that regardless of how many unfinished projects I have, I tend to work on just one and have an easy one as my take along project

I was quite happily working on the Changes Shawl, when I had a desire to knit a mystery. I don’t know what prompted this. I still have on the needles the mystery that I started in August that was not a good experience. Prior to that, my last mystery was in 2016. I used to participate in sock mysteries all the time but I think I got rather bored with that.

The mystery I am now working on I had seen before the LA Yarn Crawl but had not seriously considered at the time. Which is a good thing as it has been designed by and is being run by people from the first yarn store we visited. If I had known that I’m sure I would have bought yarn specifically for the project. As it is I am using entirely stash yarn. Two skeins that I had bought at last year’s Vista Fiber Fiesta, a skein of yarn that I was given after someone had knit something small from it and some left overs.

I am enjoying it so far. I have managed to keep up to date, having completed Clue 1 and working through Clue 2.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Second Square

In January I posted a photo of my first square in my mitred square/log cabin blanket. I have now finished my second square. I do not know how long it took to complete so from now on I am making a note of the start and finish date of each block.

This is an orange/yellow block. They are the colours of which I have the least variety but I do have plenty of yarn. So I am likely to end up with the squares looking very similar.

I am only working on these when I am at appointments and need something simple to work on that can be stopped and stuffed into a bag at a moment's notice.