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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


This year has been the year of if I don't like it, don't finish it.

One ball of yarn (from the stash) was started 3 times until I settled on the baby hats for charity.

A baby blanket I started last year was thrown away as I hated the yarn so much. It had been given to me and sat in my stash for ages. The yarn was nice but the colour - mustard yellow - I should have passed it on ages ago.

Sock yarn that wasn't working in one pattern was unpicked and another pattern chosen.

A glove never did have a mate.

And this sweater.

I used the stash a little. All but one pair of socks were knitted from stash yarn. I added to stash yarn to make this baby blanket and used the left over yarn immediately.

I knitted one scarf for charity from stash yarn and frogged another one that I didn't like.

I've posted photos of the dishcloths I have knitted this year, still need to post photos of the other baby blanket I made, otherwise this year I have knitted a lot of holes.

But it doesn't matter how full of holes my life is: Happy Anniversary Husband.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I Must Stop Joining Groups

Somehow (the convoluted way we all find things on the web) I came across a Yahoo group for knitting dishcloths. Twice a month a new pattern is published a few rows at a time. So of course I joined.

The first pattern in the middle of November was this.

So from not having done any illusion knitting I know work two pieces in quick succession.

The pattern for the middle of December was this.

It is too big for washing dishes but seems too nice for cleaning.