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Saturday, February 16, 2008


Sometimes I have two books on the go. Usually if I am reading a book that is too big/heavy to carry outside of the house. The two books I read recently are Leonard Woolf's biography and The Enchanted April by Elizabeth von Arnim. I chose the biography as I had read Virginia Woolf's biography and thought it would be a good idea to read about her husband. I thought it was interesting that in his biography it was made clear how bad Virginia's mental illness was whereas when I read her biography I didn't get that impression.

I chose to read The Enchanted April as I was looking at the upcoming plays at the local theatre, one of them being The Enchanted April and it was said it was adapted from the novel; so having seen the movie a few years ago, I decided to get the book out of the library.

The first coincidence was that from reading the blurb at the front of the book about Elizabeth, it said that E M Forster had been a tutor to her children. E M Forster was a very good friend of Leonard Woolf.

Then I was eating my lunch in a cafe downtown when a guy came in and I could tell that he was looking at me and chose a seat near me before going to the counter to place his order. I thought it a bit strange but as I was about to leave I wasn't worried. Well, he stopped me on my way out and asked me if I was enjoying the book The Enchanted April. Turns out he was an actor in the production which was in rehearsals and he was pleased to see someone reading the book, so, of course, I had to tell him that seeing the play advertised had made me want to read the book. It wasn't until later that I realized that I hadn't asked him what part he was playing.