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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

I Started What?

Way back in 2018 I started a mitred square blanket to use up sock yarn. It was originally just going to be my handbag project but I realized that it would never get finished if that was its criteria, so now I work on it a few days each week. I have not been very good at posting pictures of completed squares but I  have 10 finished squares.

I have been admiring the crochet scrappy blankets I’ve seen on podcasts and thought that would be a quicker option but not a sensible idea to start another blanket. So what did I do, I started a crochet scrappy crochet blanket. And did I choose the easy granny stripe blanket? Of course not. I chose another one by the same designer – Hydrangea Stripe Blanket.

Now why did I start another scrappy blanket when it is going to take me years to finish the one I have had on the needles for three years? Simple – yarn choice. Although my otiginal blanket will be truly scrappy, I am not using every fingering weight yarn I have leftover. I am not using very multi-coloured yarns and mostly neutral coloured yarns.

Having yarn left over from these socks was a good excuse to start a new blanket. I worked a foundation crochet row and the first shell row in the leftover yarn and the next row I used the small amount of yarn I had leftover from my new crochet project.

As I have so many projects on the go right now, which seems to be typical for the start of the year, I will only be adding new yarns to this as I finish projects. But eventually I want to add my older yarns. And one day I will have two completed scrappy projects. One day!