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Saturday, November 24, 2018

Some Blocks

The last block I showed was for August. I did not make September’s block because I did not know what fabric to use. Nothing I had in stash seemed right but I did not want to buy any. I will make this the last one and if I have to buy fabric so be it.

The block for October is really rather fun but as I did not make it until the end of the month I decided to wait until I had made November’s and show them both together. The fabric is all from stash, although the green stem and both the fabrics for the outside of the pumpkin are leftovers from fabric purchased for other blocks.

When I had finished October’s block, not only did I choose the fabric for November’s but I also cut it out so I was all ready to sew. This was all leftovers too.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

The Hats

These are the last of my completed projects for a while. I am so pleased that in October I completed so many projects that now I am left with projects that, although, started months ago were not very far along. A stated in my last post I have three active projects.

I have mentioned many times that I usually have a hat project on the go; usually a crochet project that I can work on in the car or other times I need an easy project. I had ended up with three hat projects. Two of which I had on car journeys but I had run out of yarn and hadn’t got around to going through stash to find more. I knew I would someday. This WIP KAL was the incentive to just do it.

First was the hat made with bulky yarn. I had very little left in stash and there was not enough to finish crocheting the hat. As knit fabric uses less yarn than crochet that’s the route I went, although I frogged the first pattern I tried.

The next hat was a pattern I had made a few times and when I ran out of yarn, I decided to make the medium size instead of the large. Although I had enough yarn for that I did not think the hat was big enough so it was completely frogged and a new pattern started where I could use many colours of yarn.

The third hat just needed to be finished. I knew I had plenty of yarn. All the time I was working on it Grandson kept on asking for his hat. It is now his. I have made this pattern many times, but this time I actually added the reverse crochet edge.

I now have no hats on the go, so for the time being my easy take along project will be my mitred square project.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

It’s November – How Are the WIPs?

My projects were building up and I was planning a new cast on for Advent, also a works-in-progress (WIP) knit along (KAL) started on Ravelry at the end of September. This was the impetus needed to finish things.

I have posted pictures of most of the items that I have finished, just some hats left to show, so how many WIPs do I actually have? Five! I know; when was the last time it was that low? And let me break that number down so that number is really three. Two of those projects should be completely undone. I know I am never going to finish them but I have this thing where if I frog something the new project has to be started immediately. I have planned to frog one of these between Christmas and New Year so that I can have a grand cast on on New Year’s Day. Having written that, maybe I should frog the other one before Christmas and have an Epiphany cast on. That gives me time to choose a pattern. One of the reasons that these two projects are languishing is that I didn’t know what to make instead. But I made a decision for one; let’s make it two.

Ignoring the potential frogs, I am left with three projects. One is my mitred square squares. That is an ongoing slow project so will be a WIP for a long time. That leaves two projects – a shawl and a cardigan. The cardigan I started way back in March really just to get some old yarn on the needles, it is not very far along but I ought to work on it this month. The shawl I started in March after frogging my New Year’s cast on. It got pushed aside when the yarn arrived for a new shawl pattern and never got picked up again. Now it will get the love it deserves. Can I finish it before 1 December? I don’t think so. It is a gradient yarn and I want to use all the yarn for full effect but it will certainly be my main project this month.