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Monday, October 16, 2017

Two Items Finished and One Still on The Needles

Let’s deal with the latter first. Last time I mentioned how close I was to finishing the never-ending-project. And I did finish it – almost. I got as far as the bind off and decided as I had quite a bit of yarn left I should knit at least one more repeat of pattern so I pulled out the 12 rows of garter stitch and continued the pattern. A good thing that I didn’t put it away until December.

The first finished item to show is this shawl which was my vacation knitting. I started it on a trip in June, continued in July and finally finished in October.

The pattern is Spring into Summer Shawl, by Knitting Expat. It was perfect for the three 50 gram skeins of different coloured sock yarn that came as a set but I did not want to make into socks and the grey sock yarn in stash. Thta's five skeins of yarn out of my stash. I am very happy with this shawl.

Which I can repeat for this shawl. I bought the yarn way back in April last year specifically to make a shawl but I didn’t have a pattern in mind. I knew I didn’t want to stripe the yarn, one skein would be the body and the other the edging. This pattern, Longbourn, was released in July with a knit along started in August and was just what I envisioned for the yarn. I knit with the black until I could work no more complete pattern repeats and then started the edging. To a certain extent I was running a risk as the edging is knit sideways so I did put in a lifeline before starting although I didn’t really think I would run out of yarn as the pattern used just a skein for the main part and a skein for the edging; albeit a different weight.

I have started a new project; a crochet item for working on in the car on our latest trip, so I still have many works on the go but two items are at bind off stage and another is just a few rows away from finishing. I really want to cast on some of the yarn I bought recently but I am holding off until projects are fully completed.