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Sunday, October 30, 2016

A Birthday Quilt

Looking through my posts I realised I had not posted pictures of a quilt I finished earlier this year. Surprising, considering I think this is my favourite quilt. But I finished it in April and it was a gift for a birthday in July. I didn't notice until I saw this post and wondered where was the post showing the finished quilt. Well here it is.

The quilt was a gift for my son and I spent a while trying to decide on suitable fabric design and colours. I finally hit on the idea of bandanas as he had liked them when he was younger. I gradually purchased them with Jo-Ann's coupons. And once I had enough I changed my mind on the design so had to buy more! I chose You've Got Mail from Missouri Star Quilt Company.

I thought using bandanas would save having to cut fabric, but the bandanas were by no means square.

Having completed the top, I had to decide on fabric for the backing. Why not more bandanas?

The binding is a small black and white print. I thought quilting might be a problem, so I tied quilted it at each "point" with embroidery floss, alternating green and red.

This favourite will soon be superseded by the current quilt that is at binding stage.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

When KALs Stymie Inspiration

This might seem a strange title considering I have participated in many knit alongs. But recently trying to work out what to knit in an informal knit along has put me into a flurry of matching yarn and patterns without actually starting anything.

I got into this mess after posting in the Yarniacs group on Ravelry a photo of the yarn I recently purchased. I listen to the Yarniacs podcast. One of the podcasters suggested we have a fun knit along with a skein of Candy Skein. Now did I think, I'll use that skein I just purchased; or did I think I can use one of my other Candy Skeins? No! I purchased another skein to match Gayle's.

And it was downhill from there. When I wound the new skein I decided it really needed to be socks. So what's the theme in Sock Knitters Anonymous? Lace. There's a pattern that I want to knit that will look lovely in this yarn. But wait says the voice in my head. Aren't you supposed to be knitting socks for hubby, for Christmas, with yarn you bought in Virginia? But I haven't started socks for him because since September I have been trying to find a pattern that fits the KAL theme .

And I haven't cast on with any of my Candy Skeins because I can't make a decision on any of those either.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Last Charity Knit For a While

When I lived in Calgary I knitted sections of blankets that were delivered to the NICU at one of the local hospitals. Posts showing the blankets are here, here and here. I enjoyed working on these blankets as there was a comradery within the group.

When I moved I wanted to get involved in something similar and a search on Ravelry produced a group which did the same thing. I joined and worked on four blankets in 2013 and 2014. This group was rather more officious, I think because members were spread out more and didn't know each other in person, so I didn't continue although I still like the idea of working on a section of blanket.

After that I found a group on Ravelry that knitted hats for Operation Gratitude which provides care packages to active and retired military. I have made 22 hats and 3 scarves. I have tried to make one item a month. This is my own target but lately I have found the knitting to be an obligation and not an enjoyment. Therefore, I decided it would be a good idea to take a break. I will knit items for charity again when it is something I want to do and not when I feel I have to do it.

This is the hat I started in August. It was suggested in the group and as I have always loved the pattern (I used it in one of the charity blankets) I knew I had to cast on. The pattern is by CorinnesKnits and is available on Ravelry.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Stash Enhancement

In my last post I mentioned the Vista Fiber Arts Fiesta. Hubby came with me so that we could go out to lunch afterwards. He wondered around the gem show while I looked at yarn.

I knew I wanted to get the colour of the month from Candy Skein, otherwise I had no particular plan. My first visit was to the Yarnover Truck. I always try to support them although their yarns are on the more expensive end. For October their featured dyer is Apple Tree Knits and they had a selection of their gradient yarns. I have wanted to knit another shawl with gradient yarn after finishing this beauty. The truck had a number of different colours in different bases but I wanted enough for a shawl so I chose the SilkLin Light Fingering which is 756 yards of 65% silk/35% linen. On this base the colours are muted and I chose the chocolate topaz colourway.

I headed off to Candy Skein's booth; looking at other vendors on the way. The booth was quiet so I was able to have a fan girl moment and introduce myself to Tami as I follow her on Instagram. I bought Poison Apple in both the Yummy Fingering and Juicy Worsted; the plan being to make a hat for Christmas. With the worsted I chose a skein with not much white; the fingering has more white. (I have already started the hat and it is looking really nice knitted up. No good photos yet.)

And that was it for purchases. I did look at other booths especially new dyers but I just wasn't in the mood to buy (any more) yarn just for the sake of it.

Monday, October 3, 2016

A Series of Photos Culminating in a Shawl

I could say I had no plans to make this pattern but that would be stupid because it was only released at the very end of July this year. Really what happened is that it was discussed at knitting group as it is a design by a friend - who has now moved. And as I had an upcoming vacation and I hadn't planned my knitting this seemed perfect plus I knew which two yarns in my stash I would use.

Looking at my blog posts from last year, I have not mentioned these yarns - how remiss - they were purchased at the Vista Fiber Arts Fiesta. (As of the time of writing I hope to be able to attend this year's Fiesta.)

Anyway, these are the two yarns I chose.

The dyer is Squirrel Stash, who, sadly, is no longer dying. I bought four skeins of yarn (and a stitch marker) at the Fiesta and this was the only booth where I bought two skeins. Unfortunately it meant another vendor missed out as I was limiting myself to four skeins.

When I chose these skeins I chose them individually, in fact I had a hard time just choosing two, but as I was paying for them someone mentioned how well they went together. This must have stuck in the back of my mind as at no time since purchase have I considered them for socks.

I think you will agree they work well together in this pattern. Unfortunately, for my "out" numbers I cannot record balls out as the pattern does not use full skeins of yarn. I used 85 grams of the blue and 65 grams of the cream. I contemplated making the last section longer to use more of the blue and maybe if I had been at home I would have done. This was a perfect vacation knit as I started and finished it while I was away and just had to block it when I got home. As you will see from the photos that was not so easy.