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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Thank Heaven For Little Girls

because I have some finished items. Two babies were born into my family this summer (hence the two baby blankets here and here) which means plenty of opportunity for quick projects. But the photographing of said projects is not so easy.

With yarn left over from the baby blanket I made a jacket for the other baby. I found the project on Ravelry and it can be found here. It is knitted from the hood down but I made a few changes. I cast on with Judy's Magic Cast On so that I didn't have to seam the hood; I didn't like the ties on the front so I added buttons and loop buttonholes made by working a single crochet foundation chain.

Using the same yarn, I knitted two pairs of booties. I have the pattern but it can be found on Ravelry under Christine's Stay-on Baby Booties.

There was yarn left over from the baby top I showed you in the last post. It is a pattern that I made a few years ago for charity and, of course, I originally found on Ravelry. I worked with the yarn doubled so it was a quick knit. This hat and the baby top are for Baby A, the jacket and booties are for Baby E.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Finally I Finished Something

My last two posts have been a little whiney in that I am commenting on how close I am to finishing items but haven't managed the final part to produce a wearble item. But last week I had success and I had buttons in my stash that fitted colour and size wise the baby jacket. They were sewn on, photographs taken and then it was mailed off in the hopes that it fits the baby.

Not having a baby to use as a model I tried it on a teddy bear and it shows the back fairly well. The yarn is Bernat Baby which I got in a yarn swap and the pattern is a Sirdar pattern that is nearly 30 years old.