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Monday, March 30, 2009

Don't Ask Why

I didn't post pictures of everything I made last year. So as it is hard to take pictures of current projects, here is something from last year.

Another baby blanket for someone else at work who was pregnant (she had the baby in February.)

The pattern is from this book.

The original pattern called for worsted weight yarn but that would have produced a blanket too large and heavy for a baby so I followed the pattern as directed using 4-ply washable baby yarn.

Excluding the fringe, the finished size was 79 cm x 58 cm.

As a bonus, I spotted a small giraffe soft-toy in the local supermarket so I bought that to go with the blanket. (No photo so you'll have to use your imagination.)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

March's Dishcloths

Here are this month's dishcloths - photos courtesy of the scanner, hence the 2nd one being cut off.

The first pattern of each month has an image related to the month. When this one was completed I thought of a big pot of water over a fire ready to accept its human sacrifice. Boy child took one look at it and said Pot of Gold which is what it is.

I really this pattern, like most of the circular cloths it has come out quite large but I expect I can shrink it a bit in the wash.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Sock

in other words knitting content

The camera is one step closer to being repaired but in the meantime I have found a way to post pictures of the smaller objects I make - Scan Them.

So without further ado here is a sock.

The trouble with scanning is that you have no control over the light but it is a better picture than the ones I have been taking with the cameras I have borrowed.

And yes I did make 2 socks.

I found the pattern on the internet somehow - it appears that I downloaded it in March 2007. It calls for a thicker yarn but I followed the pattern using Patons Kroy Socks 4-ply and it came out just fine and fits me.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I Am a Cupcake

The internet is full of things that will suck time. Blog Things being a prime example. So this is today's result. Which is very funny for 2 reasons:
this is nothing like me;
red velvet cupcakes from Crave Cupcakes are my absolute favourite.

You Are a Red Velvet Cupcake

You are sensual and self-indulgent. If it feels good, you'll do it.

You're drawn to gorgeous, sexy people. You can't help it if you want your friends to be attractive!

You are like a cupcake because you are completely decadent and over the top.

You believe life is too short to deprive yourself. You rather overdo it than go without.

What Flavor Cupcake Are You?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

February's Dishcloths

The pictures aren't wonderful but here are the dishcloths from February.

I really like this but it has come out very thick so it is more like a pot holder.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Coffee and Knitting

They had these in Starbucks at Christmas and for some reason I thought a member of my family would see them and automatically think of me and get me one. Well that didn't happen.

After Christmas when the mugs went on sale there were none of these. So I kicked myself for not getting one when I first saw them. But last week I worked out that to get one of these mugs you have to be knitting.

Last Thursday evening was our monthly knitting gathering at Starbucks and on a table were a few of these mugs - on sale - and as two of the employees join us for knitting we were given a discount on them as well.

Coffee always tastes better out of a mug that is on sale and discounted.