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Monday, April 23, 2012

I Voted!

I have lived overseas for a number of years which means it has been a long time since I cast my ballot. As the process to become a Canadian citizen took such a long time, I was not eligible to vote in last year's Federal election which made today's Alberta Provincial election my first chance to vote.

Although I was not on the voter's list, I was able to register today despite the people in charge sending me back and forth to different locations in the polling station. At last I was given my two ballots for marking with a cross. (The election was for your local MLA and potential Senators.)

No hanging chads or problems with electronic voting here. There were tables at one end of the room, with cardboard screens for privacy - one breath and they'd have fallen over - and pencils for making your mark. Marking a cross with a short yellow pencil did not have the same satisfaction as marking a big fat X with a chinagraph pencil attached to the polling booth by string. Just to see them hanging there waiting for you made your decision seem so much more important than 2 short yellow pencils thrown at the back of a desk.

But at least the Election Officer had her knitting.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

February and March

Half-way through April and now just talking about the previous two months?

February and March were slow on the knitting front but busy in other ways including a trip to Southern California with hubby. This was a business trip for him and an orientation trip for both of us as we will be moving there. Which is rather surreal going from Calgary to Southern California. But someone has to do it.

So although things were slow on the knitting front, I completed two projects in February and two in March. The items in February were both for Western Canadian Oddball Blanket Society. One was a preemie sized blanket started in December which I crocheted and the other was the standard 6-inch knitted strip.

March's completed projects were also small - a dishcloth and a pair of mittens both started this year but at least I completed something.

On the needles as at 1 April:- two long term projects from last year, a sweater started in January, and the second sock of the pair started in January. So not too bad as long as I finish them; although now I should have more time for knitting. Anybody want to buy a house?