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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

1(000) More American(s)

Something amazing happened last week – I became an American Citizen.

It was a long journey; not because of the time it takes to become a Citizen but the time it took for me to make the decision. My (now departed) mother-in-law frequently mentioned that I should become a citizen and couldn’t or wouldn’t understand why I did not. But if you have never lived in another country you do not realize what it means to relinquish the Citizenship of your birth and take on a new one. Yes the United States of America is a great country but that doesn’t mean you are going to drop your birth country without a second thought.

I first became eligible to apply for US Citizenship in 2000. At some point I even filled out the forms but that was as far as I got – mostly completed forms. And then in December 2005 we moved – to Canada. A whole new set of paperwork and form filling. At least this time we were all foreigners. While we were there my son and I became Canadian Citizens. I remember not feeling much emotion about it as I was mainly doing it to give our son choices. He really hadn’t had any choice in moving to Canada so it seemed only right that he should have the opportunity to stay if he wanted.

It would have been so much easier if I had become a US Citizen when I had had the opportunity because when we decided to move back to the United States we had to go through the Green Card application all over again. Costing us time and money. It took about 4 ½ months to get the visa, which was quick, but there was the cost of the application plus the cost of travelling to Montreal for the interview as well as having to take time off work.

Having moved back to the United States I was eligible to apply for Citizenship in 2015 but even with the incentive of being able to vote in a Federal election, I still put it off. It took me most of 2016 to fill in the forms. What finally prompted me to complete the process was that fees were increasing at the end of the year and the forms had changed so I had to redo them. I decided that this was going to keep on happening and that there was really no reason not to become a Citizen.

And that’s the thing. There’s no reason not to become a Citizen and plenty of reasons to become a Citizen. But it was still a HUGE deal. I’m not going to go into a long story about by interview. Briefly, the notice said to allow two hours. A friend drove me as husband was away and she didn’t even have a chance to get her knitting out as I was gone for about 15 minutes. It did mean we had the rest of the morning for knitting at Starbucks.

Conversely the notice for the Oath ceremony gave no information. There was a lot of waiting in line and people taking the oath were separate from their friends and family. So you were sitting with complete strangers with one thing in common – today was the day you became US Citizens. The oath is a very serious affair and afterwards I cried, not because I was now an American but because I had renounced the country of my birth, the country I had grown up in, gone to school, established a career, met my husband; where my family still lived. I also felt a sense of relief that I have the right to remain in this country.

Here are some photos of the day. I was sitting in the last row of people, there was no choice where you could sit but this turned out very well as I was not lost in the crowd. Because of where I was sitting, I was one of the last to get my certificate, this meant that I could see and be seen when I exited the hall. As you can see I was very happy to show off my Certificate of Naturalization. (The long piece of paper in my hand is a voter registration form.)

Monday, June 26, 2017

From Vacation to Vacation

From Vacation to Vacation

In this post I showed the yarn for a project I had started on vacation. After vacation it became my easy handbag project It was very easy to work on when watching children.

In February 2016 I purchased Candy Skein’s colour of the month, just because with no particular plan. I saw on Ravelry that someone had knit a Pure Joy with it using a bright pink as contrast. I thought that was a great idea and one day at Yarning for You, I saw the perfect pink. Except I never did cast on Pure Joy. There was something about it that didn’t quite call to me. Then I was shown Arlequin, a free pattern on Ravelry. It had been knit in a gradient yarn and I decided it would be perfect for my two yarns.

I started it on the first day of vacation and worked on it exclusively although I had other yarn. By the last day I was becoming rather bored with it but I resisted starting anything new. My plan was to knit until I ran out of the Candy Skein and then continue with the new yarn. It didn’t quite work out that way. Although that was what I did at first, I (and my knitting friends) didn’t like the change of colour part way through a pattern repeat, so a few rows were pulled out and I started the new colour at the beginning of a pattern repeat.

The bright pink is sock yarn by Malabrigo in the colour Light of Love. I have to say I enjoyed this yarn from winding to knitting to finishing. It is a beautiful tonal yarn that made me smile. My plan for this yarn was to knit until either I liked the length or I ran out of yarn. I ended up using most of the yarn; again finishing with one full pattern repeat rather than just finishing when I ran out of yarn.

And why the title of this post? I started this project on the first day of vacation and finished it a few days before another. This was not the plan. In fact as this was an easy project I thought it would be in progress for a long time. It did mean that I could start a new project on vacation and not worry about not finishing the last project.

Let’s have a LOL. The number of projects on the go is creeping up. I have a complicated shawl that I started when I finished the previous Pi shawl, another shawl that has lace knitting on every row, some mittens with short-row shaping, the new vacation project, the never ending project and a Clapotis. Time to get knitting.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Here’s The Finished Item

Last time I said I was going to post a picture of a finished item but then the post was negative about an item I frogged (which has been restarted as a Clapotis) that I decided the finished item needed to be in a more positive post. So here it is.

I was given some baby yarn at the beginning of the year – two skeins of Bébé Luv – a yarn available in Canada that I hadn’t knitted with before. It is 100% acrylic but seemed ideal for baby clothes. I gave the ball of white yarn to a friend and kept the red to knit something for one of my great-nieces.

I decided to knit for the youngest as the ball was 120 grams which I knew would be enough for a small cardigan. Then of course there was the searching on Ravelry for a pattern. I considered the Easy Baby Cardigan, after all I had only made it three times. But I found a new to me pattern - Provence Leafy Cardigan – I liked the lacey pattern and garter stitch detail.

Oh and I have another finished item that will appear shortly.