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Friday, January 18, 2013

Consult a Doctor Before Starting Any Programme

You know all exercise programmes and diets say this. It is a CYA because the purveyors/promotors of these regimes do not want bad publicity or to be sued.

I have always ignored this advice. After all, I am not stupid enough to do something which is going to hurt me. Surely not. But the balmy days have gone to my head and I embarked on a popular exercise routine that has done me more harm than good.

For a long time I have wanted to follow the Couch to 5K programme. I don't know who came up with the concept but there are plenty of examples on the internet. I liked the idea of the running increasing each week and that there was a goal at the end of 9 weeks. I was really keen on being able to say that I had run 5K. Without the limitations of work and weather there was no excuse not to start the programme, which I did the week after Thanksgiving (US). Three times a week I went for a walk/run and upped the running time each week according to the progamme. I felt really pleased with myself after each session and, although, it wasn't easy I was able to increase the running time each week.

Then suddenly my knees started to hurt. And when I say suddenly I mean one day, not even a running day, they started to hurt. And when I say hurt, I mean really painful so I couldn't bend my knees and could hardly walk. As an aside, I have a very low pain tolerance, what can I say, I'm sensitive, and my husband usually hears about every little injury. But this time I didn't want him to know as I knew he would tell me that maybe running wasn't such a good idea. But I couldn't keep it from him when he noticed that I had great difficulty walking down the steps to the beach. And, of course, he told me that I should give up running. I really don't think he got it as to how good it made me feel.

So while I was laid up I turned to trusty Google to research how to make my knees stop hurting (don't run duh!) and what caused the problem. It seems likely that the problem is my running style, more specifically how my foot/feet land after each step. It is possible to check this out and remedy yourself by watching your feet as you run. Which sounds just as body damaging as your head collides with trees, lamp posts etc. Or you could work with a trainer.

Now I need to find another form of exercise that is not going to damage my body but will give me the same sense of achievement and well being as the running.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

First in 2013

So here is my first finished item of 2013, although it was started in 2012. It is a quick easy knit so was saved for those times when I didn't want to look at a pattern.

The pattern is Quincy by Jared Flood and it is the third time I have made this pattern. Here is the first time I made it, I also made it for my sister but never posted a photo. Since I first knitted it, I have made a couple of adjustments; I add 5 stitches to the initial cast on as I found the hat only just fit me. Before cutting the yarn after the working the band, I make sure that I have a knit side at one end and a purl side at the other to start the garter stitch graft. An extra row may be necessary depending on the type of provisional cast on.

The yarn is Merisoft Hand Painted Aran by Punta Yarns and purchased just because I liked it; probably because I was with my friend Clair who is a Punta fiend. Having moved, there seemed little point in making hat, gloves or scarf for myself so decided to make this hat for my friend Sally who lives in Calgary and always commented on my pink hat.

It is difficult to photograph this hat but this should give you an idea.

And now my Knit Meter is no longer zero!

Monday, January 7, 2013

A New Year, A New Look

It started with a new widget - the Knit Meter at the top of the blog and then I decided it was time for a new look.

The widget is lying because I have knit this year and yesterday I finished a project. Just need to take some photos and the widget and blog can be updated.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


So much better than resolutions; plans can be changed, resolutions are meant to be kept.

My plans for 2013 are eat better, exercise better, (I need to write a separate post for this), finish work on the house, knit from stash, read more.

Hmm pretty standard stuff for New Year plans/resolutions. Working on the house is in partnership with hubby and, although, it seems that the list is long it is doable. We just have to do it and not go for walks on the beach like we are about to do today. I'm also hopeful that I will read more than last year as the beginning of the year won't involve boxing things up.

On the knitting front I still intend to knit from stash this year with a couple of exceptions. A baby is due in the family and I do not have any yarn to make a blanket and if we have another dishcloth gift exchange I will need more cotton. Because, yay, the dishcloth cotton is mostly gone. There are left overs some of which are big enough to be combined to make a stripey cloth so I'm not sure I can say I achieved the target from last year of no dishcloth cotton but it's darn close. I am going to have to knit socks as sock yarn in equaled socks out but that is better than increasing the total sock yarn. And the lacey thing that has been on the needles for ever, my excuse being that I can't find the right needles to go with the yarn, I'm thinking that if I work two rows a day (one patterned, one plain) that will go a long way towards finishing it and with only two rows the needles won't be such an issue. I also really need to find a pattern to work with the last ball of yarn from the yarn crawl and then all the yarn from big blocks of purchases will have been used. So I'm really hoping that this time next year I can say that I have made a good dent in my stash.

Happy New Year everyone.