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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Something For Me

This item was finished a while ago but photos were only taken last weekend. Not very exciting photos either but at least there are some. Photos were uploaded to my laptop today and then I put off the update here until I was in mid-row and decided that the time was right.

The yarn is Biography by Fable Fibers. I had three skeins and used all three, although the same colour, they are quite different. The pattern is Aléantine which I found courtesy of Ravelry, of course. As I had a limited amount of yarn, I did not complete the full number of rows from the pattern, also, I did not thread ribbon through the eyelet holes. I did when I first finished the top but did not like the look. I'm not keen on the picot edge on the armholes but not a lot I can do about that now. If I was going to make this pattern again, I would decrease some stitches on the row before the sleeve cast off row so that the picot edge did not stick out so much.

The mother of the baby who received the items in my last post was very pleased with them, especially the booties as she said they stayed on.

I still have a few things on the needles but a couple are for Christmas presents, so I will either have to finish some non-gift items pretty quickly or post about something not related to my knitting.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Part Two

I mentioned two babies. That means knitting everything twice. These items are for baby A and have been mailed.

I enjoyed the little jacket so I made one for the other baby, in a different yarn. This time I worked the borders in seed stitch and included buttonholes.

The yarn is Snuggly Baby Speckle DK by Sirdar, a cotton/acrylic mix which felt soft and smooth as I knitted. I used exactly two balls.

Then there are the booties which are exactly the same as the ones I knitted for the other baby (baby E).

And another pair of booties, almost the same pattern, knitted to match the hat. I only have a really bad photo but there is a section of lace pattern to match the hat. I should have checked photos before mailing. And I'm pleased to report that I have used all this yarn.