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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

San Francisco Again

Hubby had to go to San Francisco for a conference so we rented a car and both headed up there. It was very strange not to have a cat with us.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Successful September

I decided that the titles of my monthly update posts needed more excitement than just the month name. So here I have gone for some alliteration; except when I checked Ravelry for completed projects it wasn't as successful a month as I remembered, so the title is "Successful September With a Couple of Days of October Thrown in".

The month was productive as I finished all those projects that were nearly finished and just needed the intent from me to get 'em done.

First off the needles were the socks that I had technically finished in July but I decided were not quite long enough. All that was needed was to unpick the toe shaping add some rows of pattern and then redo the toe shaping - twice.

The yarn is Fame Trend by Marks & Kattens, the same yarn as these socks and also a Christmas gift from hubby. I decided that I was not going to match the colors on the socks which was a good decision as I came across 5 knots in this ball of yarn. This is totally unacceptable in one ball of yarn but as I was on the road I didn't do anything about it except I had extra ends to sew in.

I also finished the sweater, which just needed ends sewing in and another blocking. I am really pleased with how it fits. No photos yet as it will look better if I am wearing it so I either have to speak nicely to hubby or set up the tripod. It should be just right for Southern California winters.

And then squeezing into October, I finished the easy project that mostly lived in the car. A good number of years ago I bought Teddy Bears when they were on sale with the intention of dressing them in outfits I had knitted and giving them to charity. Well I finally achieved one dressed teddy. Left over yarn was used so that helps in using up yarn left over from other projects.

All I have to do know is knit outfits for the other bears.

So as at the 2 October I had 2 projects on the needles. Both lace shawls so I felt very pleased with my accomplishments. Now for the next projects!

Friday, October 5, 2012

San Diego Honours Members of the Military

San Diego is supportive of members of the military. With a Naval base on Coronado Island and a Marine base just north of where we live it is not surprising. I wonder if it has always been that way here. But that is not a conversation that I will start. And for any non-Americans reading this you have no idea of how members of the military, many of whom were drafted - read no choice - were treated by the press and therefore members of the public during the Vietnam era.

Anyway the purpose of the post is to show a couple of photos I took at sporting events recently. We were lucky to go to the opening home game of the Chargers (football) and the last home game of the Padres (baseball).

Both games honoured members of the military and had fly pasts before the game started. The Padres game was very touching as they honoured Japanese-American veterans from WWII. (Again for non-Americans, some poor decisions were made by those in power during this time affecting Japanese and their American-born children.)

During the singer of the National Anthem at the Chargers game a flag was unfurled. This was the size of the football field (nearly typed pitch there).

You see that it is not smooth. There are people underneath that flag holding it up as the flag is not allowed to touch the ground. And it was a very hot day.

At the Padres game, the team wore their camo uniform. When a baseball game starts the home team runs out on the field and takes their position. Before the start of this last game members of the military stood in the positions which for some reason I thought was pretty cool.