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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Time For An Update

After the last post with three different completed projects it's time to assess where I am with all my WIPs. Back in May I had ten projects in progress. I am going to amend that number to nine as one of those projects was a charity project which when finished was replaced with another project for charity.

I had two shawls, two socks, two cardigans, one toy and two long term projects on the go and I am pleased to report that of those projects I have one cardigan and the two long term projects still in progress. (I was going to write not finished but that sounded negative.) My original plan was to concentrate on two of these WIPs at a time but as none of them come under the easy category, I will work on just one. Also one of the long term projects will be worked on at next year's summer concerts.

I was really pleased to have only three projects left but then my dear husband asked how many other projects I had started. That number is really good too. Since my post in May I have started two new projects. One of those was a pair of socks that is now finished and the other is the Pi shawl I started on 22 July and is a deliberate long term project. (I'm excluding hats for charity.)

After I finished the second pair of socks I picked up the remaining cardigan to work on and I was actually excited to be knitting on it again. This was a project I started in April 2015 and completely undid and restarted in April 2016. I am hoping the excitement will continue and I will actually finish this.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Four Socks and a Hat

Yes that is the completed number of finished objects in August. Although that's not really true as two of the socks were finished in prior months. But I can show off two pairs of socks and a hat knitted for charity.

As I am (trying to) knitting a hat every month for charity I have joined another group on Ravelry - Hat of the Month - for ideas. This was the hat for July. A little lonely cable by Joji Locatelli; a free pattern on Ravelry. Yarn is Red Heart Soft. I wasn't sure if I'd have enough of the black for an entire hat so originally planned to add blue somewhere. After adding the first stripe and I decided to make this a striped hat. Of course, now I have small amounts of both colours left.

These were the second socks started but the first finished. Originally cast on for the June challenge where we could make a previously knit pattern. I was upset that the Pomatomus socks I knitted in 2006 quickly developed a hole in the heel. (After a couple of wearings.) So that was the pattern I knit; I didn't quite finish both socks by the end of July so carried on with them in August. The yarn is ModeSock from ModeKnit and with the bamboo and nylon content I am hoping they will last longer than my original pair.

The other pair of socks I started in March. The challenge for that month was cables and these socks do have a cable pattern between the pattern repeats. I did not enjoy knitting these: they were fiddly to knit and the pattern was not very well written. The August challenge was really the impetus for finishing these. The pattern is Downton Farewell and the yarn is Birch Medium Twist Fingering by Mosaic Moon. It is a rich tonal brown, which I am not sure shows up too well in photos.