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Friday, December 31, 2010

A Year in Review

According to my projects listed on Ravelry, I have 31 items for 2010. Of these, there is one I unpicked, 2 that I started in 2009 and 1 I started in 2008, and 2 projects that are not finished. Of those 31 projects, 9 are pairs of socks, 4 are dishcloths, 8 are for charity, 1 baby blanket, 5 shawls or scarves, 1 skirt, 1 bag, 1 hat, 1 pair of mittens. Fewer projects than in 2009, but last year I made way more dishcloths. 3 of the items were gifts, everything else was made for me, the advantage of this is that I know I am going to like the finished item and if I don't then I am not hurting anyone's feelings by unpicking it or giving it away. I am pleased to say that everything mentioned in this post has been completed.

I have worn the skirt a couple of times and really like it. This is the pattern. It can be easily adapted for any yarn and I would not be surprised if I made some more. Will post some photos when I can persuade someone to take a decent one of me wearing it.

Here are photos of the mystery socks for September and November. I really enjoyed the patterns for both of these and am grateful that both designers gave of their time to provide these free patterns for the group.

What I haven't talked about are the blankets I have worked on for Western Canadian Odd-ball Baby Blanket Society. Information on this group which incorporated as an official non-profit charitable society this year can be found here.

The stash did increase rather this year with the shopping trip in Denver and a yarn crawl with other like minded people from my neck of the woods. More about plans for the stash to follow.

On the book front, I read 97 books this year. This surprised me as I thought that I wasn't reading as much. Some of these books were children's books and graphic novels. As usual my reading is across the board but does tend to avoid science fiction and fantasy. Books that I have read are shown on my shelf on this blog.

On the personal front; the boy child graduated high school this June and spent the last three months of the year in Denver although he plans to come back to Calgary to study or work. Our beautiful white cat has an idiopathic chylothorax. The first visit involved draining over 400 ml of fluid from her chest. Subsequent vet visits drained over 300 ml each visit. The last visit was a month ago but I am religiously giving her supplements twice a day.

And as usual, as today is our anniversary, I thank my husband for another wonderful year.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Ready For Winter

In October I told you about the yarn my husband had bought in Finland. He had purchased the yarn with a hat in mind, so as winter was knocking I started knitting and this is the hat.

The pattern is from Shawl and Scarves: The Best of Knitters Magazine. I used about one and half balls so decided to make the matching mittens.

After completing one mitten I weighed the remaining wool. I have a balance scale and with the mitten on one side and the remaining wool on the other, the scale balanced. I had no room for error.

There was just enough yarn. Which means no extra in the stash - yea.

A word about the pattern for the mittens. I achieved gauge and the hat fit fine; as written the mittens were enormous. No wonder they were photographed flat. I rewrote the pattern to fit my hands.

Do you like the snow effect in the photos?