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Friday, February 19, 2016

I Wear My Handknits

I don't blog because I think I have nothing to show but in the same way as I am setting aside time for sewing I am going to start setting aside time for blogging. I started a list of what I wanted to say/show off and there are actually a few things you haven't seen yet.

Let's start off with a picture of me wearing one of my hand knits. You can just see it poking out of the bottom of the pile in this post. As I said it really needed to be photographed being worn but, although I love the finished item I couldn't work out how to wear it.

One day last month I was meeting friends for coffee and it was a bit chilly and I thought it would be fun to wear a shawl instead of grabbing a cardigan. (It would have been quicker to grab a cardigan!) I was wearing jeans and a white top so colour wasn't a big issue except the pink looked too bright and another one looked too shawly. So I grabbed the Starshower put it on and was happy.

Don't you love the photo I took on the laptop?

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Some Sewing

I enjoy sewing but I do not enjoy having to get everything out every time and I do not like to leave work and sewing equipment/notions out. Rather than try to fit in some sewing every day I try to block some time off each week to sew. This does depend on what else I have going on but this week I set aside time to make a bag for my sister.

I have Downton Abbey fabric left over from this project. This was fabric I had bought specially to make something for a dear friend and I didn't want to get rid of what was left but there had to be a very good reason for using the fabric. My sister seemed a good enough reason. I made my usual drawstring bag.

I didn't take any measurements for this bag. Just sewed two pieces of fabric together and that was going to be the size. I have plenty of cream fabric in my stash and one piece was just the right width for the lining. Instead of making drawstrings I used ribbon that I had in my stash. The resulting bag was tall and thin - ideal if I was gifting a bottle of something.