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Monday, November 9, 2015

Some Socks

This was, and still is, a short post to show off a pair of socks I'd knitted. The writing took no time - yarn, pattern, photo - until I decided to add a photo of the yarn in the skein. I found three that looked good so why not make a collage I'd done that once before. And then I spent too much time looking at my photo editing programmes to make a collage. My post back in March 2014 said I just clicked a button. Do you think I could find any freaking lets-make-a-collage button; was I driving myself crazy looking at these programmes over and over and was I glad that hubby and I had a lunch date? Until later in the day when I was putting my sewing machine away (I did a little more sewing which has to be redone but that's another story) and remembered that there was old photo editing software on my old laptop. Fired the thing up and voila, hey presto, Bob's your uncle, there it was, the magic make-a-collage button. So now to the action.

As I have a little supply of sock yarn my aim is to knit something with sock yarn every month - doesn't have to be socks. So this should be my tenth sock yarn project of the year. Hmm, unfortunately that isn't the case; but it is the seventh so not too bad.

The challenge for October was under appreciated patterns. Which meant any pattern that was available to the general public, had been published more then three months previously and had less then 15 projects on Ravelry. I wanted to use this yarn - Celestial Strings Shuffle Sock and thought it would be a good idea to see if any of the patterns in books I owned qualified. I started with a cabled pattern from Think Outside the Sox but quickly stopped as the cables were not showing. I then turned to a pattern which I had wanted to work for the self-striping month but it did not qualify - Double Wing 'Agate' Socks. I really like how they came out. I finished them within the month and also entered them in a Pinktober challenge.