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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Knitting Update

I haven't mentioned knitting for a while although some has been taking place, mostly at sporting events. Here's an update on what I have been working on.

The recalcitrant yarn finally became a pair of socks.

The pattern is from Mag Knits. I found it after googling the gauge I obtained with the yarn.

The scarf is also completed. I did just keep knitting until I ran out of yarn. Not sure what I am going to do with it yet.

The pattern is My So Called Scarf and the yarn is Elaine by Schaefer although the colour I have is not shown on the website. This pattern worked well for the colourway as the different colours were broken up into small blocks.

Also I have completed a rib watch cap which will be for charity and I had enough yarn to make another one. This is a great sports project as it is a simple 2x2 rib. On the sock front I have nearly completed a pair of lacey socks. Expect pictures soon.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Saturday's Sky

Not sure if another picture of a tree counts as Saturday Sky but here goes anyway.

The tree is not well positioned but it was there when we moved in and we decided not to move it. It will end up an odd shape as we prune to fit the space available. I am really enjoying the smell of the apple blossom.

Saturday morning I went to the Horticultural Society Plant Exchange. I didn't have any plants to exchange but I was allowed to buy 5 plants for $2.00 each. I chose some for the shady parts of the garden.

Saturday afternoon I dug a new flower bed. Although by the state of the soil -good- and the decorative rocks I found I think there must have been a flower bed there at some point that other owners of the house didn't maintain so it got overgrown with dandelions.

I didn't think to take a before photo but here is a photo of one pile of dandelions I dug out.

And here is a photo of the dug flower bed. I still need to get some edging.

Yesterday I planted a Monks Hood and a Columbine.

And in case you need another photo, here are the rocks I found.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

After - Part One

The male members of the household worked hard this weekend and I now have these:-

The next job is to order soil and then when the weather decides to behave I can start planting. Yes - we have snow forecast for tonight.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Saturday's Sky

A typical Spring sky for this week.

This is the tree in my neighbour's yard. I hope they didn't notice me taking the photo and wonder what I was up to. Although they are nice neighbours and wouldn't have minded anyway.

On the garden front; the male member's of the household started to build the raised beds and they are looking good.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Next Stage

Exciting things happened in our house last night. The lumber was purchased for my flower beds. I had drawn up the plans and worked out how much of each length of wood was required and then the men folk went off in the big truck to the lumber store.

Now you would think that men, truck, lumber store sounds like an ideal combination but, apparently, they weren't that excited about it.

The plan is to build the flower beds this weekend as it is a long weekend, but, like any holiday weekend rain is forecast.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

No Saturday Sky

There's no photo of the Saturday's sky as I did not see much of it on Saturday. This weekend there was a lacrosse tournament so I spent much of my time driving to games, waiting for games to start and watching games. Plus the extra game I saw when I was doing my volunteer stint as floor supervisor.

The boy child's team won 2 of their 4 games but, more importantly, started to play as a team. Despite lax refereeing, their games were mostly clean. Unlike the game where I was floor supervisor. One team played very dirty. I wish referees in any sport would realise that the rules are in place not only for fairness but also to protect players' bodies.

With so much sport just lately there has been much on the knitting front. I will post photos soon.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Saturday's Sky

I didn't know if the title should be Saturday's Night Sky or Saturday Night's Sky. Here it is anyway.

Saturday dawned warm and sunny which was a relief after the rain (and snow) of the previous two days. The lawn wasn't dry enough to rake but I cleared the leaves out from the flower beds and trimmed the dead matter from the perennials. Today we laid the landscaping fabric on the big weed patch and I think it looks better already.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

An Oldie

Here's another oldie but goodie that I finally finished yesterday.

The pattern is The Great American Kid's Afghan which appeared in Knitter's Magazine over a period of 4 months or so. I started the first square on 1 May 2004. I was working on other projects so didn't complete all the squares until January 2005. For some reason it then took until September 2005 to sew the squares into the blanket.

When I had completed the blanket I thought the yarn wasn't very soft and that the blanket needed a soft backing. I don't have a record of when I bought the fleece but I think it was quite a while between finishing the blanket and buying the fabric. For some reason I decided to blanket stitch the blanket to the fleece and then cut the fleece. Obviously that didn't work too well so I had to unpick three sides of my stitching, cut the fleece and sew again. Once I had done that the sewing went quite quickly. Now I just have to decide to which charity I am going to donate it.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


This is the before photo - actually this is the only photo.

Technically it is not the true before picture as last year there was a rickety fence and there were stones and weeds where there are just weeds now.

The plan is to turn it into some sort of garden with raised flower beds for plants and vegetables. The men in the house have said that they can build the containers for the beds. So let's hope that there will be an after picture later ths year.