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Monday, November 18, 2019

Stitches SoCal

This event was this past weekend in Pasadena and I went on Friday with two knitting friends. This year we took the train which was fun because we could all sit and chat and knit. (Or crochet as was the case.) Taking the train did make for a long day as we were limited by the train times whereas with driving the time you leave is based on the time you want to arrive. But it was nice not to have to worry about driving home in fog like last year.

We had all purchased quite a bit of yarn when a yarn store closed down in the summer so we were not going with definite buying plans but we had been planning this for a while and wanted the day out.

One of us did not buy any yarn, which was a surprise because she is the most prolific yarn buyer, but she did buy some knitting themed earrings and a book. I bought some yarn and some stitch markers.

The first yarn I purchased was a souvenir purchase. This is yarn from Quebec, Canada that I have seen in pictures but not in person. It is fun self-striping yarn. I purchased the Go Habs Go colourway and have already found a fun pattern.

The other yarn I purchased was a kit for a cardigan. Excuse the bad photos but I do not want to take it out of the packaging. The kit is for the Comfort Fade and I was told that the pattern would be sent to me. I hope that will happen this week.

I’m still working away on my WIPS and when I have finished my oldest project I will cast on one of the yarns purchased this weekend.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Some Gifts

These two projects were finished in July but I hadn’t shown them until now as they were both gifts.

Firstly, a quick little baby hat for a friend who used to live near me but (conveniently for knitting purposes) moved to Washington state. Which makes it a no brainer for baby knitting. She is very much into reuse, reduce, recycle, so I knew she would have no problem that the yarn I used to make her new baby a hat was yarn left after knitting a hat for someone else. The skeins of Red Heart Soft are just under 150 grams so go along way. This is the fourth project from this particular skein and I still have some left. Yes, it’s acrylic, but it is soft for a baby and machine washable and dryable so convenient for parents. Using leftover yarn, it seemed appropriate to knit a pattern that I had already made. The first time I made the newborn size but this time I made the 6-12 months size so that it could be worn in the winter.

The other gift I made was a birthday present for my niece. After deciding that I did not like what I had first made with this yarn, I decided to make a shawl that would show off the colours and thought it would make a great gift for my niece. The pattern is Sun Glitter shawl and there are two variations – garter stitch or stocking stitch. I decided to go with stocking stitch to get a slightly bigger wrap and to show off the colours better. It is a good pattern for variegated yarn.

Before I show a picture of the finished item, here is a photo of it in progress, I just knit from the bottom of the original project. It also gives you a chance to see how loose the original project was, which I had shown at the end of this post.

And the finished item.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

But What If They Really Are Racist?

The pointed attacks in the yarn industry have died down. I think because a big finger-pointer was finally shown to be a hypocrite. Those already attacked are continued to be vilified except now plenty of people are coming to their defense and saying stop. Professionals have weighed in to describe the behavior as bullying which I think finally gave people the courage to stand up and say enough.

It is interesting watching what is going on. Both “sides” are claiming bullying but neither “side” has denounced it in its entirety only when it is aimed at the person(s they support. Both “sides” have mocked the fundraising requests (usually by Ko-Fi) by individuals.

But while all this is going on – “you’re bad”, “no it’s you”, “it’s not bullying it’s accountability”, racists are, at the least, being forgotten ,at the worst, being given voice. Because anyone who has been attacked by a social justice warrior must be an innocent victim. But that’s just not true.
Whether you just want everyone to get back to their knitting, are a strident SJW, or mock everything they do, it is time to really look at the individuals you are supporting. What have they said and written. Is any of it worrisome but because they have been attacked you have seen them as an innocent.

What are you going to do about those who are exclusive and racist because now you have given them the power to continue.