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Sunday, July 3, 2016

I'm Wearing a Thing or Two

It is hard to get photos of me wearing something I have made because I have to rely on someone else (usually DH) to take a photo.

This is a shawl I finished in July last year and I didn't have any nice photos of it. We went to a party the other weekend and I chose it to go with my dress and remembered to ask for photos before we went.

The party was inland so this was the only time that evening that I wore the shawl.

At the end of June I showed a poor photo of a cardigan I had recently finished. Last night I realised I was wearing suitable clothing in which to be photographed.

I am looking forward to wearing it in the winter.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Knitting in the Park

I am sure I have talked about this but I cannot easily find reference in previous blog posts.

Every summer our city has a series of concerts staged at various outdoor parks. I take knitting with me and one old project has become my go to for these events. Actually the outdoor concerts are now the only time I knit on it. I was hoping this would be the year for finishing it but counting how many more rows to completion and my rate of knitting, even if we went to every concert it wouldn't be finished. But it will still come with me on summer Friday evenings.

I decided it needed to be shown off so here is a photo I took last night.