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Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year, New Resolutions?

Same old, same old, really. Knit from the stash. Although as I knitted far more pairs of socks than I acquired sock yarn in 2011, the sock stash is going down, it just doesn't feel like it. The South Calgary Knitting Group is repeating the knit from the stash challenge so it will be fun to see how we each fare. Although as we have a yarn buying amnesty from 25 December to 9 January, few of us should be losing points for buying yarn in the first quarter. And I was one of those who purchased (non-sock) yarn in preparation.

I still have dishcloth cotton left although most of it is leftovers and will be a quick way to earn points in the challenge when I am falling behind. Hmm I wonder if I could end the year with no dishcloth cotton?

And what about the six unfinished projects I mentioned in the last post, you ask? Well, I finished one this morning, another lives in the car, another is a lace project where I need to find a better mix of yarn and needles, two I started in December. So that really only leaves one project that I should hurry and finish.