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Monday, February 17, 2020

An Update and A Sewn item

I haven’t posted here for a while; initially because I didn’t have anything to show and then I had too much to say and I didn’t know where to start.

I have finished my Advent project. No photos yet as it is huge and I want to talk about it in a separate post. I swatched and cast on the cardigan from the kit but stopped after a few days as I thought it would be better to finish the cardigan that is already on the needles and use that as a guide for size. This cardigan being my oldest WIP and the project I was working on gave me the idea to put the other on hold. (If only I’d thought about that before casting on and creating another WIP.)

I can’t say that I only worked on the Advent project as there was some gift knitting and charity knitting going on but it was the only existing project I worked on and , apart from the aforementioned gifts and charity, nothing new was started until it was finished. I knitted a hat for charity last month and started a crochet one this month. I have found working just a few rows a day quickly produces a hat without it feeling like it is taking all my crafting time. I have also started the first batch of yarn that I purchased at the closing down sale.

Because I was keen to finish the Advent project (I was worried that if I stopped I wouldn’t pick it up again until December) and then start the front band on my oldest WIP, my sewing has taken a back seat. But at the beginning of January I finished a table runner. Not my oldest project but the easiest to finish as it just needed about half the binding hand sewn. An easy project to pick up and work on. I like the finished item but wish I had taken more care with it. The pattern was in Block Magazine from Missouri Star Quilt Company. I had some charm block squares left over from a child’s quilt and just needed a couple of other leftovers. (I've looked back at last year's photos and it appears I started this in March 2019.) I was given the pink fabric. When I get some blocks of time I will quilt the two big quilts that have been ready for a long time.