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Monday, September 27, 2010

I Need to Finish Something, Anything

The other day as I entered a new project into Ravelry, I noticed that l now had 5 unfinished projects. How did that happen? Looking at them I had a reasonable excuse for each of them being in a not quite finished state. Firstly there was the crocheted baby hat. It needed ribbon. I still haven't made up my mind whether to use white that I already have or buy some to match the yarn colour. Then there is the skirt. Just needs the elastic for the waistband. I have some but it is narrower than called for in the pattern. Really I should make a trip to the fabric store and buy ribbon and elastic and finish these two things.

And then there is the really-have-to-concentrate shawl. This is the item where I ran out of yarn during cast off. I now have yarn so just need a simple movie and the shawl will be finished.

Then there are the socks, possibly the only unfinished item for which I have an excuse. They are a mystery knit. Clues (rows) are published once a week. I say "possibly" because all the rows have been published so I should be well on my way to finishing. If I was I would have a reasonable excuse for casting on the last item which started this introspection. I started a baby blanket. The reason? I was worried that if I didn't start, I would keep on putting it off until the last minute. Now I am glad that I have started, I have received an invitation to the shower in the middle of October. I should finish the blanket by then but all the aforementioned items will have to go on the back burner until the blanket is finished.