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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

And Still No Knitting

I have been knitting but I don’t have any finished projects. I have been working two rows per day on my New Year’s Day cast on (OK sometimes I have to play catch up at the weekends) but I already know I am going to add more rows to use up all the yarn so it won’t be finished this month.

Sewing to the rescue again.

I have wanted to participate in a block-a-month quilt. But they have always cost more than I can justify spending. Last time I was in Jo-Ann, I noticed one of the quilting magazines included a 2018 planner with a block design for each month. Bingo! As it was near the end of January when I purchased the magazine, I waited until February to make the first block. January's will be made next year. This is not a problem as there will be quite a bit of finishing to turn the finished blocks into a quilt so I am not aiming to finish it this year.

February was not a hard block to make and I was able to use all scraps. My intention is to use scraps as much as possible but I do not want adjoining blocks to have the same fabric so there will be a little bit of purchasing going on.