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Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Another Gift

There’s going to be a few gifts coming up as I know three pregnant ladies. I finished this at the last minute and has been given to the recipient so for once there is not a big time difference between finishing an item and posting about it.

I knew this person was expecting a boy and I thought I had bought yarn for just these moments when a gift was needed. But it seems that the yarn I purchased was mostly girls colours. Although hats are a quick baby knit this baby is going to be born in May in Southern California so I did not want to make a hat that would not be used for months. I had some yarn that was part of the stash I was given and chose an old pattern that I owned. I remember making this item before but cannot remember for which child.

I would have finished with a few days spare but I did not work the same number of rows of rib as on the fronts and there was no getting around it so I had to frog the back down to the rib. I finished this just a few hours before I was meeting the person and luckily I found four buttons in my button stash.

And best of all, the mother loved it.