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Monday, May 24, 2021

Knitting on Vacation

For a while I would start a new project on vacation but when my WIPs were getting out of hand I started to take existing projects with me. There are advantages to both. There’s the excitement of being on vacation and starting a new project which, hopefully, will last the whole vacation. But the disadvantage of the project not working out and then what do you work on? With an existing project you have already worked out needle size etc but what if you finish the project while you’re away. How many WIPs do you take with you?

We went away last week. It was about an 8-hour drive so for my car project I took yarn that had been frogged, printed off a pattern and packed a couple of different size crochet hooks. Just in case. For my actual vacation knitting I took a new shawl pattern, again with yarn that had been previously frogged. I had set up the project bag a while ago to take on vacation but it always stayed at home because I was finishing WIPs. Now was its chance. I also made sure to download some knitted hat patterns and have a few needles so that I had some easy knitting.

These choices worked out well. I made a complete hat on the drive to Arizona and nearly finished one on the drive back. I will finish it this week so that it is not hanging around. I also knit two hats. I am happy to use yarn from a frogged project as well as yarn that I was given from a friend of a friend’s stash.






I got about 1/3 way through the new shawl cast on. I will keep this as my vacation knitting but it may become a regular WIP at some point.

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