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Saturday, February 25, 2023

I Cut My Knitting

After the enjoyment of making a tea cosy for my sister last year, I decided to make one, but a different pattern, for my mother. I chose this pattern for the design and not for the techniques, which include steeking. It is quite possible to knit this pattern back and forth in rows but this is a good way to practice the technique; which, amazingly, I have not done before. I have not avoided it but I have not been searching out patterns with steeks either. I don’t mind knitting back and forth and I don’t mind seaming.

The pattern also includes a Latvian braid or as the designer calls it a Vikkel braid. I am sure I have included these in patterns before but cannot think what off the top of my head. As I was using pure wool this was a bit of a pain as the yarns stick to each when they wrap around as you work the braid.

The designer said there was no need to catch strands going across the back of the design but in some areas there were twelve stitches in one colour for the other to cross. I didn’t like that idea so incorporated ladder back jacquard. It was a good chance to put it to use after having tried it in a pattern. I started off marking the pattern but found it was easier to look at each row as I was working to see if I needed to add back stitches.

For the steeks the designer refers you to a blog post she had written. This was written for a button band and completely encloses the cut edge whereas in this pattern she just has you sewing the steeks down. If I did it again I would work the crochet stitches one stitch in and not right on the middle stitch. In fact, next time I steek I will research more ways of working it. The steeks are for the openings for the spout and handle. After steeking you work an icord edge around them. I wasn’t going to do this as I thought it would be bulky but decide to give it a try and liked the end result.

There were many, many comments that the finished cosy was tight on the recommended size tea pot. I blocked it on my tea pot and although it fit, I would not like to be trying to get it on when the pot is full of boiling tea. As I have no idea what tea pots my mum has, I will be sending her a tea pot. At her age I am sure she does not need it but I do not want her to not use the cosy!

 Before cutting the steeks

I marked the middle of the steek with red sewing thread.

Crochet steek reinforcement

Not blocked and no icord.


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