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Sunday, February 5, 2023

February’s Hat

It is the start of the year and all I have to show so far are hats. Last post I showed January’s hat and mentioned starting a hat with Spincycle yarns. I have finished the hat but no photos yet as I decided to make some mitts with the leftovers and I want to photograph them together.

I have finished a couple of gifts and I will show these when the recipients have received them.

January saw ambitious plans. I had a list of eight projects I wished to start. But I was sensible and started only five of them. One of the ones not started was the Tunisian crochet project but I have plans for that this month as I have finished three of the five starts. Also having finished the two gifts I started another easy project. And when I say easy I mean easy - garter stitch, no shaping.

The first of the month caused two cast ons – a hat and a sock. Continuing with my arbitrary decision about only knitting socks if the pattern is already in my library, queue or favorites I found a pattern that fitted the theme. And for hats I cast on the February bulky hat. I am enjoying knitting hats with thicker yarn as they are quick makes and then I can get back to my other projects. Especially as the hats in the bulky collection are a bit on the small side which is fine by me as the hats will all go to a charity and I am not making for a certain person. Also means I have a quick show when I haven’t posted anything for nearly a month.

Once again the yarn is YOTH Father. I didn’t finish the skein but there is not enough for another hat; except looking at stash I realized I had another skein so I will definitely be able to make two maybe three more hats.

Many of the hats in the Year of Bulky Hats are the same pattern as in the Year of Hats. And this is the case for February. I don’t have a problem with this as the patterns are free and have been written for different weight yarns.


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