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Sunday, July 11, 2021

I Like Big Shawls, I Cannot Lie

Yes, another post from me. A couple of reasons for posts being so close together. 1) I finished two projects within a day of each other and 2) I had a post mulling around in my head and then typed out that I ended up not posting but in the meantime nothing else got posted either.

Now for my latest finished project; which I love. It is a shawl design by Stephen West using five different skeins of yarn. Three of them are from two projects I frogged last year, one was yarn I had been given – Dancing Leaf Dyeworks and one was yarn that I had purchased to support a small business – Evergreen Fiberworks - and ended up working really well with the other yarns.

I decided to knit this pattern because I had seen one on a podcast in shades of pink and thought that would be ideal for me and I had two projects that I liked but never wore because they were not big enough. There was the dark pink yarn (Candy Skein) from this project finished in 2017 and reading my post it is obvious I was not sure how I was going to wear it, so I didn’t. And then both yarns from this project, also finished in 2017. The light pink is another Candy Skein and the bright pink is malabrigo.

In my last post I said I didn’t want to start projects just to get yarn on the needles but that was the case with this project. Having frogged two projects to get yarn for this specific pattern, I didn’t want to delay in getting it started. And I’m glad that I did as this became my easy project. This is why it took me six months to make, but as I was getting near the end and near the end of June I was determined to finish it. Even with my husband saying “I thought you said, this project was never going to be finished.” I must admit it felt like it at times especially when faced with picking up stitches around the edge. But here we are. And there is a much better chance of it being worn unlike its predecessors.

Complete with sneak peek of a dress I made.


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